Stemik Spółka z o. o.
38 - 333 Zagórzany, Klęczany
tel. +48 18 353 03 80

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Hot - dip galvanizing:

In June 2006 we opened the hot - dip galvanizing works. The dimmensions of the molten bath of zinc are following: (length x width x depth): 3100 mm x 900 mm x 2300 mm. The majority of galvanized manufactures are products produced by STEMIK, but of course we also have a possibility of rendering services offering our clients the highest quality, low prices and fast realization.




The welding is done with semi - automatic welders in a shield of argon and oxygen mixture.



Cutting, bending and pressing the steel metal:


Cutting, bending and pressing the steel metal, flat bars and bars is done on 15 eccentric and hydraulic presses with the presure from 25 to 160 tons. We also dispose of 2 cutters for cutting sheet metal up to 8mm thick, sawing machines for cutting tubes and profiles, drillers, millers and turning lathes. Since 2005 big series of manufactures have been produced from steel strip in circles on a fully automated line consisting of 160 - ton press, feeder and straightening rollers.




We render the hot-dip galvanizing services both for many private customers and well-known local manufacturing companies. The important example here, may be the leader in furniture and stadium / auditoria seatings – Nowy STYL Company from Krosno for who we performed the hot-dip galvanizing of stadium seating fittings and frames for 4 soccer stadiums – EURO 2012.


The quality of our hot-dip galvanizing services is well recognized by all our regular customers.


In coming investments we have started in year 2012 the operations of powder coating plant located at STEMIK Sp. z o.o. Company premises, which will directly increase the Company efficiency both in logistic area and also aims at faster adjustment to customer requirements.