Stemik Spółka z o. o.
38 - 333 Zagórzany, Klęczany
tel. +48 18 353 03 80

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About the company...

The Firm was established on 01.02.1990 as a joint venture company with prevailing German capital.


Our first products were building connecting links, hinges and bolts delivered to the German contractor. In the course of time the firm gained new market
in Germany, Austria and Poland.

The export is about 90% of the production but the quantity of sale in Poland augments annually, particularly since opening a hot - dip galvanizing works.
The firm concentrates on quality, punctuality and modernity of the production, developing year by year.


Large investments during recent years could have been realised also thanks to European Union assistance programmes, by which the firm profited in 2006.

In coming years further investments aiming at modernization of the manufacturing process and increasing the competiveness of the Company are planned.

STEMIK Sp. z o.o. besides continuous following the actual market situation aims at systematic and constant increase of its products portfolio together
with gaining new customers in the area of services and production of new products, both on the domestic and export markets
(Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria and others).